Hajdúnánás Város logó
2019. február 18.
Mayor's Welcome

Dear Guests,

Szólláth Tibor polgármester  Our typical Hajdú (Heyduck) town, Hajdúnánás awaits You. We are proud of our past going back centuries, of our traditions and culture, we care for them and also enrich them in order to preserve and pass them on to the future generations.

  The former straw industry has a long past, the tangible memories of which are exhibited in the exhibitions in the ‘Country House’, ‘The Golden Straw Creative House’ and the museum of local lore.

  The water of our thermal spa refreshes and cures all ages. Thanks to the dynamic developments realized in 2011 there will be a completely new therapeutic wing opened, which completes the scope of services. So besides the general locomotor disorders, curing and treating osteoporosis will be possible.

  After relaxing at the spa, you can take a pleasant walk in the main square of the town, in the charming walking streets or parks. High standard cafes, restaurants and accommodations grant your relaxation and comfort.

  Various entertaining summer night events make the life of our town more colourful. At the events of culinary nature our guest can taste the various and typical specialties.

 Come to our town and experience the well-known hospitality of the citizens of Hajdúnánás.